Can You Meet Today's Environmental Requirements...


Ecotech Planners & Advisors, Inc. is an Ontario-based company carrying out environmental consulting from its offices in Cambridge, Ontario and Tracy, California. Ecotech was incorporated in 1987 to assist small and medium sized industries that are unable to support their own in-house chemical and engineering staff that are necessary to deal with environmental issues.


How can we help?

Meeting today’s ever evolving environmental legislation can be an ultimate challenge. 

Practicing good Environmental Management is no longer an option, it is a demand, it is the law.  Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws can be very perplexing. 

Ecotech offers services in the following areas:


ECA - Environmental Compliance Approval - preparation of the application and supporting documents necessary when seeking a Ministry of the Environment approval through O. Reg 419/05 




EASR - Environmental Activity and Sector Registry - assistance with online registration of comfort heating systems, automotive refinishing and standby power systems.




- Toxic Reduction Act - annual reporting as required by the MOE.  

- Toxic Reduction Plans - assistance with the creation of TRA plans and recommendations by a Licenced Toxic Reduction Planner. 



NPRI - National Pollutant Release Inventory - annual reporting as required by Environment Canada



Ontario Regulation 127 - annual reporting



Compliance Audits - determination of facility compliance when compared to Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation





Are you Ready to Report? 


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